Reclaim your birthright to Radical Health

In this program, I'll show you how to lose fat in 45 days and keep it off for life.

What You’ll Get Inside this Program

  • In-depth understanding of how Nutrition Science works.
  • What exactly do you mean by nutrient, and how can you make your life healthier and lose those extra pounds?
  • What you should consume over the next 45 days.
  • Access to our WhatsApp group to keep things moving and to clear up any issues with me.
  • A PDF is provided for future reference.

Who is this Program for?

  • Someone who has given up on his desire to lose fat.
  • Someone who is fed up with paying exorbitant fees to nutritionists but failing to accomplish their goals.
  • Someone who is weary of being out of shape and wants to start a new life with the help of a professional.
  • Most importantly, this program is for someone who doesn’t want to waste time on bro science and instead wants to get right to work with tried-and-true methodologies and logics.
  • Yes, for those seeking to reclaim their birthright to radical health.

How is this Program different from the thousands of other Nutrition Programs?

  • In-depth understanding of every element of Nutrition Science that should be known.
  • Expert guidance is required to make things easier and more sustainable.
  • For future reference, a detailed PDF has been created.


Yes, this program comes with an attached PDF that provides all of the program’s details.

Yes, there are over 200 food alternatives for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in this 45-day fat loss program.

Yes, you will be added to our WhatsApp Group, which Lalit Verma will monitor.