What is Post Workout Recovery and How To Do?

Post Workout Recovery

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Post Workout Recovery

A health and fitness tripod consists of three legs: training, nutrition, and rest and recovery. The tripod emphasises the necessity of optimal recovery and should not be overlooked. No matter how hard we workout or what high quality nutrition we consume, if your body is sleep deprived, you will suffer the repercussions.

Breaking a wall on a regular basis will not make it bigger or stronger, nor will rebuilding it on a continuous basis; in order to reap the full advantages of your labour, you must allow it to mend. Our bodies are similar to this, with exercise serving as a breakdown, diet serving as a raw material, and sufficient sleep or other post-workout recovery tools serving as rest to bear the subsequent load.

How to Recover Optimally?

One of the major mistakes that many of us do and are often neglect is not realizing the importance of sleep or other post-exercise recovery tools. And if we simply talk about sleep there are tens of thousands of topics to discuss.

We are all captives to modern technology; just as you are reading this blog article on your laptop or mobile device, we are all reliant on it. However, wherever possible, we should avoid using any item that generates light and disrupts our circadian cycle (the circadian cycle, is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. It can refer to any process that originates within an organism (i.e., endogenous) and responds to the environment (entrained by the environment). These 24-hour rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been widely observed in animals, plants, fungi, and cyanobacteria).

Post Workout Recovery

Points to Remember For a Proper Sleep

Avoid The Usage of Electronic Devices During Your Bedtime

The use of any device that emits rays can interfere with your brain’s mechanism for distinguishing between day and night, and may keep you awake even during your sleep time, simply because it is receiving artificial light, which eventually disrupts your body’s natural melatonin (sleep hormone) production. And if you’re considering to consume melatonin pills exogenously, then I wouldn’t suggest you do the same in any case. And I would advise you not to interfere with your body’s natural sleep system.

Sleep in a Dark Room

The illumination in a space is one of the factors that prevents your brain from distinguishing between day and night. Opening a foot light or a low intensity bulb is what we’ll do before we go into our bed, which might be the worst decision to have a sound sleep. Sleeping in a dark environment is what your body craves, and we should give it what it desperately wants.

Temperature Control

Setting the proper temperature in your room is one of the most important and little-known aspects of getting a good rest. Whereas being too hot can disrupt your sleep, being too cold can do the same. Moving slightly to the cooler side, on the other hand, will surely improve your sleep quality and bring significant advantages to your health.

Post Workout Recovery

Tools to Use For a Great Post Workout Recovery

Ice Bath

Taking a post-workout dip in an ice bath is a popular habit among many athletes. Coldwater immersion, also known as cryotherapy, is used to help athletes recover faster and minimize muscular discomfort and stiffness after rigorous training sessions or contests.

Hot Water Bath

Hot showers help to relax your muscles and rejuvenate your body. Throughout the day, your body conducts a variety of physical motions that cause the muscles to contract. Bathing in warm water relaxes your muscles and joints. As a result, taking a hot shower at the end of the day, or after returning from a vacation, is highly recommended.

Steam Rooms

A steam room is a heated area where individuals may relax and get relief from certain medical issues. They’re frequently found at gyms or spas.

A steam room is created when a water-filled generator pumps steam into an enclosed space, causing moisture to be present in the air while people sit in it.

Sauna Rooms

Saunas have been around for thousands of years and continue to be popular today. A sauna may help individuals relax and unwind, and it may also offer health advantages.

Sweating has been utilized as a kind of treatment for a long time. According to Harvard Health Publications, sweat huts were utilized by the Mayans 3,000 years ago.

Post Workout Recovery

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Post Workout Recovery Post Workout Recovery 

Post Workout Recovery Post Workout Recovery