4 Muscle Building Food To Achieve Your Goals

Muscle Building Food

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Muscle Building

Muscle mass building isn’t as difficult or as simple as it appears. Muscle is a vital component for both survival and function. And when it comes to performance, a significant amount of muscle is required to release one’s real potential.

When it comes to muscle growth, women are often the ones that avoid the topic. Fear of becoming a man is one of the key reasons why women avoid weight training or do not set a goal to increase muscle mass. Women, because of their estrogen dominance, will never be as bulky as males, even if they follow the same food and activity program. The difference in sex hormones is what distinguishes male and female characteristics.

Simply said, this article is for everyone who wishes to improve on where they were yesterday.

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Nutrition’s Role in Muscle Building

When it comes to any muscle development routine, nutrition is essential, but we cannot overlook the importance of other elements such as appropriate exercise and sufficient rest. To build muscles, one must first give an ideal breakdown by following a proper exercise routine.

Nutrition or muscle building foods come as a second or building block phase in one’s fitness journey. Rest and recovery is also crucial component of a health and fitness tripod; for more information, check our other blogs.

What are Macronutrients? How Protein is Different From Other Macronutrients?

Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Alcohol, and Water are the five macronutrients. Whereas protein has 4 kcal per gramme, carbs have 4 kcal per gramme, fats have 9 kcal per gramme, alcohol has 7 kcal per gramme, and water has 0-kilo calories but is still considered a macronutrient due to the amount consumed.

Among all of the macronutrients mentioned above, protein is the only one that contains nitrogen, giving it a special muscle-building characteristic. Protein is the only nutrient that can repair or aid muscle building.

It is composed of many amino acids, nine of which the body cannot produce on its own. Those 9 essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised endogenously must be obtained through diet.

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Some of the muscle building foods


Without a question, an egg is at the top of the list of superfoods. An entire egg is an ocean of macro and micronutrients. Eggs provide all of the essential and non-essential amino acids required for survival and function.

A whole egg provides around 4-6 grams of first-class protein and has a bioavailability of 100, which is the highest of any macronutrient. Although whey protein powders have a bioavailability of 106, they are not considered food.

Muscle Building Food

Milk and It’s products

Milk is a fantastic source of high-quality protein for vegetarians. Milk and its derivatives include all of the necessary and non-essential amino acids that the body requires. Though a glass of milk does not contain a significant amount of protein, its derivatives, such as cheese, are high in protein.

The main issue with milk and its derivatives is lactose; nevertheless, if you can take it, milk and its derivatives may be a terrific source of nutrients for you.

Muscle Building Food

Red Meats & Organ Meat

In today’s globe, the most controversial and nutrient-dense food category. There are no verified studies or cases where red meat is deemed hazardous for health; it’s simply a bunch of brainless individuals attempting to sell their goods by demeaning a superfood.

Red meats and organ meats are high in macro and micronutrients and are excellent sources to build muscles. In fact, men used to consume testicles from various animal sources to increase their testosterone levels, and this is now confirmed by multiple scientific studies.

Muscle Building Food

White Meat

Though not as nutrient-dense as red meat, white meats are an excellent source of high-quality protein. When it comes to muscle-building meals, white meats such as chicken, fish, turkey, etc. are excellent sources of high-quality protein.

Muscle Building Food

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