In anything I do, I like to focus on the outcome but I surely enjoy the process. Health and Fitness should never be period specific or luxury, one should always focus on longevity and sow it into his/her lifestyle. Trying is important, that’s the very first step of your journey and accompanying it with an expertise is what it takes that to a different level.

Expertise is not just about motivation or any kind of push for a certain task, it’s about knowledge sharing.

Champions are not made on a couch. You’re a one, start now.

Qualifications & Expertise

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My Qualifications

Exercise Science Specialist and Sports Nutritionist

My Expertise

  • Strength Gain
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain

My Vision

I am a strict believer of knowledge and application of it is a power, enforcing a healthy or a fit lifestyle to anyone is surely not sustainable, but educating and realising the importance with science is what makes it sustainable

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