How to do a Perfect Squat? Learn Proper Squat Form in 4 Steps

How to do a Perfect Squat

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How to do a Perfect Squat?

Squat is an undoubtedly the king of lift.

“There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.”  This quote by Mark Ripetto says it all. But, how to do a perfect squat?

Many of us overcomplicate this extremely basic human movement; for example, you should squat when your femur or thigh bone is parallel to the floor, above parallel, or just break the parallel. This raises a slew of queries, such as “what is a perfect squat?” or “how to do a perfect squat?”

If you ever watch toddlers move, you’ll notice that they execute picture-perfect squats time and again. But when you’re well into adulthood, how to do a perfect squat becomes a little more of a loaded question: Are your feet in the right position? Are you getting down far enough? Should you add weight? Will I be able to get up, if’ll squat ‘too deep’? How should be my hip movement? Will I damage my knees if I squat ‘too much’? And the list goes on.

But one thing we must recall is that humans are made to move. We developed under conditions that necessitated daily strong physical effort, and that hard-earned genotype is still ours now, even among individuals with reduced physical potential. And knowing how to do a perfect squat is a modern civilization curse, despite the fact that we should all be practising one. This sedentary so-called modern world has taken away our right to be physically capable of accomplishing an infinite number of tasks; sadly, we’ve become so reliant on modern technology that we’ve lost how to sit. Yes, this is a one-liner response to your question, ‘How to Do a Perfect Squat?’

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Steps Involved in How to do a Perfect Squat?

If you’ve arrived at this page, I won’t disappoint you. Let’s start with some of the most fundamental things to consider while performing a squat.


First and foremost, stand erect with your hips and knees completely locked out. Squat stance is very subjective; there is no one technique to answer the question, ‘how to do a perfect squat?’ For a general reference, we usually assume a shoulder width stance with the toes pointed slightly outwards, although as I previously stated, this is entirely dependent on one’s anatomical structure. Many of us can squat deep and erect with our toes facing forward, but many of us cannot.

So, find your ideal squat position. I recall one of my coaches giving me the best advise on the squat stance, which was to try jumping from an elevated platform, since when you land on the floor, your body will always choose the most comfortable position, which can also be your squat stance.

How to do a Perfect Squat

2. Barbell Placement

Squats are classified into several types, such as back squats, front squats, overhead squats, and so on. At this point, I’ll go over the previously stated three fundamental movements.

The barbell should be placed directly over the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade) for back squats, with your elbows pointing upwards towards the ceiling.

For front squats, position the barbell on your clavicle (collar bone), with your wrists preventing the barbell from going forward and your elbows pointing up towards the ceiling.

The barbell is placed directly over your shoulders for overhead squats, and your head is pushed forward, to maintain the centre of gravity. While holding the barbell over your head, maintain your elbows locked and your wrists straight.

How to do a Perfect Squat

3. Depth

This is one of those questions that is usually fraught with ambiguity. There is no squat depth if I want to offer you a one-liner. Because squats are just sitting and standing up straight, how deep you sit depends on your anatomical position, as not everyone has the mobility to squat their ass to the grass.

However, instead of just sitting as deep as possible, execute some of the basic mobility exercises to boost your squat depth.

Remember the one guideline for how to do a perfect squat? ‘Sit down and stand up.’ As I previously stated, learning how to do a perfect squat is a curse in and of itself. Since we’re performing this particular movement from millions of years, and just got carried away with today’s so called ‘modern universe’.

How to do a Perfect Squat

4. Finishing

To avoid valgus collapse, one should always sit down in a controlled manner and drive their knees out when squatting. The breathing technique stays the same: exhale from your mouth, inhale through your nose, and fill that inhale air in your stomach while remaining stiff. When you’re finished, make sure to stand up straight.

How to do a Perfect Squat

To sum up this entire article, I’ll say ‘simply sit and stand.’

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