Best Biceps Workout: 4 Best Exercises

Best Biceps Workout

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Best Biceps Workout

Biceps! In my opinion, this is one of the most overtrained muscle groups. I’m confident that before you came across this post, you were already familiar with a variety of biceps workouts. Don’t be concerned! I won’t repeat them; instead, I’ll provide you with more scientific logic to help you grasp human biomechanics.

Everyone wants bigger biceps, but we always overtrain them to get there. Overtraining is less important than understanding the significance of training. Building our human body is similar to constructing a brick wall, as I’ve already mentioned in a few previous articles. How? Let me give you a more detailed explanation.

To build a brick wall, we need raw materials such as bricks, cement, and labor, and to make it stronger, we need to let it to mend. Muscle development follows a similar pattern. Nutrition is used as raw material, training is used to build the wall, and rest and recovery are used to allow the wall to strengthen.

We’ve all realized the necessity of the third leg in our health and fitness tripod, to use this example.

Constantly using your biceps muscles and not giving them adequate time to recover will stifle their growth. 

However, not training them at all will get you nowhere, so here are some of the most common workouts for strengthening your bicep muscles. Learn Best Biceps Workout: 4 Best Exercises

Supine Grip Dumbbell Curls

Hold a sufficient amount of weight in both hands with a supine hold and maintain your elbows close to your body. Now flex your biceps without moving your torso. To complete a repetition, make sure to move the dumbbells all the way up and down the range of motion.

Best Biceps Workout

Hammer Curls

The grip is the main distinction between hammer curls and supine grip dumbbell curls. Instead of using a supine hold, hammer curls are done using a neutral hand grasp. Stick to the same rule as before: don’t use any torso momentum and move the dumbbells all the way up and down.

Best Biceps Workout

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Reverse Grip Cable Curls

The only difference between supine and prone grip dumbbell curls is the grip.

On a cable crossover machine, hold a straight bar attachment and follow the same guidelines as the previous exercises.

Best Biceps Workout

EZ Barbell Curls

To execute EZ barbell curls, all you have to do is hold the barbell from the first curving point and follow all of the logics listed above.

Best Biceps Workout


When it comes to biceps training, what is the most common mistake people make?

Failure to concentrate. The relationship between the mind and the muscle is crucial. In the event that this goal is not met, the exercise will be less effective, and you will simply be going through the motions. To maintain concentration, you must eliminate all potential sources of distraction.

Aside from that, I often see individuals engaging in improper form and using ineffective method. You have to have those two things under control before you can lift huge weights.

What is the best advice on biceps training?

Switch from performing standing curls with an EZ bar to doing them with a straight bar since the EZ bar was getting in the way. Those curls would be easy for me to flatten. But when I switched to a straight bar, my wrists started aching a little bit because holding an underhand grip is just more strenuous than holding an overhand grip. However, after some time, my wrists became a little bit stronger, and I honestly believe that completing the Olympic curls at the beginning of each exercise allowed me to put more quality size on my arms by increasing the amount of muscle I gained from them.

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Best Biceps Workout: 4 Best Exercises Best Biceps Workout: 4 Best Exercises