Balance Your Soul with Bhawna

Build muscle, find balance and be aware of your body. Learn Yoga the easy way

What you'll get inside this Program?

  • One hour, One on One/Group live virtual class. Maximum of 6 trainees will be allowed in a group class.
  • In-Depth understanding of Yoga in Live.
  • Meditation
  • Power Yoga
  • And much more

Who all can enrol for this Program?

  • Someone who is looking something for Mental wellness.
  • Someone who wants to enhance his/her strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Someone who is weary of being out of shape and wants to start a new life with the help of a professional.
  • Most importantly, this program is for someone who doesn’t want to waste time on bro science and instead wants to get right to work with tried-and-true methodologies and logics. 
  • Someone who is suffering from Back Pain.
  • Someone who has high stress levels in his/her life.

How this Program is different from thousands of other Yoga Program?

  • In-depth understanding of every element of how Yoga works. 
  • In-depth understanding of every movement.
  • How to fix your day to day health issues, to keep oneself healthy and energetic.
  • One on One/Group Live Two-Way Interactive Virtual Classes. Maximum of 6 trainees will be allowed in a group class.

Benefits of our Yoga Program.

Virtual Training

One Hour, One on One/Group Live Virtual Classes.

Yoga Science

In-depth understanding of various yoga movements

Healthy Lifestyle

Detailed discussion on how to lead a healthy and a pathology free life with including Yoga.

Bhavna Chaudhary

Yoga Science Expert
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