5 Yoga Asanas for Back Ache​

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Yoga Asanas for Back Ache

Yoga may be precisely what the doctor prescribed if you’re suffering from back discomfort. Both back pain and the tension that goes along with it are often treated with yoga, a mind-body treatment. Posing in the right way may help you both relax and develop your muscles.

Even a few minutes of yoga practise each day might help you become more in tune with your physical self. As a result, you’ll be able to more easily identify any areas of stress or unbalance in your body. This self-awareness may be put to good use by helping you achieve a sense of equilibrium and harmony.
Learn more about the potential benefits of these postures in the treatment of back pain by reading on.

1. Cat-Cow

Cat/Cow position relieves tension by massaging your spine. This stance helps you to Reduce your back pain and maintain your back in good shape . It’s also a great way to keep your mind in check.

HOW TO DO IT : The best way to begin is in a tabletop posture with hands squarely under shoulders and knees exactly under the hips. This is a good place to start. Inhale, then exhale and lower your chest. Keep your tummy down and your tailbone high while doing this. With an out-breath, elongate your spine and drag your pubic bone forward while lowering your head toward the floor.

Yoga Asanas for Back Ache

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2. Child Pose

To alleviate lower back pain, “Child’s pose lengthens and aligns the spine, which decompresses it and provides a good stretch,” Tyler explains.

Your neck and spine will thank you for doing this mild forward fold. Your spine has been elongated and strained as a result. Stretching your hips, thighs, and ankles in Child’s Pose is also beneficial. Stress and exhaustion may be alleviated by practising this yoga position.

HOW TO DO IT : Kneel on your mat with your knees hip-width apart and your feet together behind you. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale lay your torso over your thighs. Draw your ribs away from your tailbone and your top of your head away from your shoulders to extend your neck and spine. With your arms out in front of you, rest your forehead on the ground. Hold for on to two minutes.

Yoga Asanas for Back Ache

3. Downward Dog

Back extensors, the major muscles that assist create your lower back, support your spine, and allow you to stand and lift items, are targeted by this yoga posture.

HOW TO DO IT : Try it! Your hands and legs should be slightly in front of each other, and you should begin the exercise in this position. Lift your tailbone toward the ceiling while keeping your back straight and your knees away from the floor. In order to further stretch your hamstrings, gently press your heels towards the ground. Aim to hold the posture for five to ten breaths, then repeat it five or seven times.

Yoga Asanas for Back Ache

4. Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bend)

In order to alleviate lower back discomfort, you should practise paschimottanasana, or the sitting forward bend Neck and back pain are reduced, PMS symptoms are lessened, the liver is stimulated, digestion is enhanced, and exhaustion is reduced.

How to do it: Sit down on the floor with your legs out in front of you and your back straight, and then begin the exercise. To touch the feet, bend your knees and reach your hands forward. Your thighs should be level with your tummy. Return to your starting location after roughly 30 seconds. Do it five times.

Yoga Asanas for Back Ache

5. Pigeon Pose

This posture, which might be a bit difficult for beginners in the yoga world, is great for stretching hip rotation and flexor muscle groups. Having tight hips may exacerbate lower back discomfort, despite the fact that this may not seem like the most apparent treatment option.

HOW TO DO IT :  Begin with your feet together in Downward-Facing Dog (Deep Pose). Your left knee should be drawn forward and turned outward so that it is almost perpendicular to your right knee as you descend both legs. If you’re a seasoned Pigeon poser, you may gently bring your rear foot off the ground and in toward your back for an additional hamstring stretch. Simply stay in this posture for a few breaths, then exchange sides.

Yoga for Back Pain

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